Advanced Airmanship Courses

CAE offers a wide variety of Advanced Airmanship courses that can be added to your current schedule, subject to availability. Many of the courses are also available via our eLearning program.

PDF Advanced Airmanship Courses

Advanced Programs Courses
Aspen Special Approach Procedures
Check Pilot Aircraft / All Checks
Check Pilot Aircraft / Line Check Only
Crew Resource Management - Initial
Crew Resource Management - Recurrent
International Procedures Training - Initial
International Procedures Training - Recurrent
HLA/MNPS (Under Development)
Introduction to Jets
Operations in Polar Regions and Areas of Magnetic Unreliability
Required Navigation Performance - RNP / PBN
Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
Advanced Programs Courses - Complimentary
Aspen Airport Familiarization
CDFA (Continuous Descent Final Approach)
CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain) / ALAR (Approach and Landing Accident Reduction)
Cockpit Distraction Management
Ground Deice / Ant-Ice
FAA Ramp Check
Fatigue in the Cockpit
Fire in Flight
GPS (Global Positioning System)
HF Radio
Jeppesen Approach Chart Review 
RTO - Rejected Takeoff
Runway Incursion / Excursion
Ramp Check
Runway Incursion / Excursion Prevention
Standard Phraseology
Takeoff & Landing Performance
Terrain Awareness Technology
Thunderstorm / Windshear
Traffic Awareness Technology