Aircare – FACTS®

Since 1981, Aircare FACTS® has been the leader in human factor-based emergency procedures training for pilots, flight engineers, flight attendants, and executive frequent flyers. Recognized for thorough, research-based training programs, Aircare FACTS® offers a variety of programs specifically designed to meet the needs of corporate/business aviation operations, public (government) aircraft, and military special missions ops.

After thorough classroom presentations, all procedures are practiced using our unique, proprietary training devices, including the Aircare FACTS® full-size, full-motion cockpit and cabin emergency procedures simulator(s), the pool, live fire trainers, Hypoxia Awareness Trainers, and the Aircare FACTS® Inverted Underwater Egress Dunker. Training in the full-size simulators provides capabilities unmatched in the industry and provides a realism not available anywhere else.


Aircare FACTS Training Programs Available

  • Emergency Procedures Training for Corporate Aircraft Pilots and Flight Attendants
  • Executive Frequent Flyer Training
  • Corporate Flight Attendant Training
  • Crewmember Emergency Training


Aircare FACTS Cost

For more information regarding training programs and prices contact sales for more details.