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Whether you are enhancing your knowledge on critical general operating subjects or staying up to date with your Bombardier type rating,we know you need dependable high-quality training using eLearning products. Our eLearning courses exceed aviation industry standards and meet all relevant international training requirements.

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Our engaging, self-paced eLearning courses help your organization maximize its training budget by increasing your flexibility, and empowering you to train from the comfort of your home or office. Nobody knows how to take care of the training needs of the aviation community like CAE – work with the team that works with you.

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CAE works closely with many of the world’s largest Flight Training Organizations, including our own training centres; we know you need dependable high-quality training products for business pilots on critical general operating subjects. You want to work with an organization that has the expertise and experience to provide flexible e-learning solutions to meet your exact needs. Work with the people who work with you.


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