Challenger 300 to 350 Differences Flight Training

The Challenger 300 to 350 Differences Flight Training course presents a comprehensive review of the differences between the CL300 and the CL350 aircraft. This course is comprised of six modules.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

– Recognize general structural and avionics aircraft differences

– Identify performance calculation differences for the Challenger 350

– Describe changes to flight instrument displays

– Identify all new features of the FMS-6200

– Identify changes to the navigation system

– Recognize callouts and annunciations associated with SmartRunway™ and SmartLanding™

Course Outline

– Aircraft General

– Performance Calculations

– Performance Calculation Differences

– Quick Reference Handbook



– Flight Instruments

– Flight Management System

– Introduction to FMS-6200

– Introduction and GNSS/SBAS

– Required Navigation Performance

– LPV Approach

– Navigation

– TSS and Weather Radar

– Inertial Reference System

– SmartRunway™ and SmartLanding ™

– Introduction

– SmartRunway™

– SmartLanding ™

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