Challenger 604 FANS Training

The Challenger 604 FANS-1/A+ eLearning Training course is designed to enable the flight crew to effectively operate the FANS-1/A+ system installed on the Challenger 604 aircraft through Service Bulletins (SBs) 604-23-013 and 604-23-014.

This course provides information on the background, functions, operation, limitations, and human factors of the FANS-1/A+ system. It also provides the necessary training to fulfill the requirements listed in the Global Operational Data Link Document (GOLD), Transport Canada Advisory Circular (AC) No. 700-041 – Special Authorization (SA) for Required Communications Performance (RCP) 240 and Required Surveillance Performance (RSP) 180, and FAA AC 90-117 – Data Link Operations.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

– Operate FANS-1/A+ functions

– Establish connection with Air Traffic Control (ATC) for purpose of controller pilot data link communication (CPDLC)

– Communicate with ATC using CPDLC

– Define ADS-C contracts and reports

– Use CPDLC normal, emergency, and abnormal operations

– State limitations and human factors


– Introduction

– FANS Function,Log On,and Termination

– Normal Operation – ATC Request

– Normal Operation– ATC Reports and Clearances

– ADS-C and Position Reporting

– Emergency Operation

– Human Factors,Limitations, and Operational Approval

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