Global 6000/5000 with Bombardier Vision Flight Deck Electronic Checklist Customization Training

The Electronic Checklist (ECL) Customization eLearning course is available to customers who want to tailor the ECL for specific use and operations.

The course provides the knowledge to operate the checklist editing tool  and the validation of the dataset and load set it produces. The course also provides an overview to the ECL configuration, control, and management requirements that allow the operator to develop a certification process for presentation to the appropriate regulatory authorities.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

– Describe the components of the electronic checklist (ECL)

– Operate the tool to create a checklist

– Create a  new checklist or procedure

– Amend an existing checklist

– Create and validate an ECL dataset and loadset (which can be installed on the aircraft)

– Describe the ECL configuration control and management requirements

– Describe the certification process​


– Introduction

– Rockwell Collins Checklist Tool (RCCT) introduction

– Dataset population

– Creating an index, checklist, and procedure

– Checklist items/action items

– Checklist items/conditional items

– Checklist items/free text and notes

– Checklist items/MSLI

– Checklist item attributes

– ECL structure  and loadset creation

– Report creation and validation

– Customizing the operator ECL

– ECL certification requirements

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