Global Express XRS/5000 Recurrent Online Training

The Global Express XRS/5000 Recurrent Training eLearning course provides pilots with a review of the aircraft systems and components on the Global XRS series aircraft.

Flight recurrent training provides a comprehensive review of the main aircraft systems in preparation for aircraft Type Rating recertification. At the end of the course, a comprehensive examination, given onsite prior to the first simulator session, ensures that the important points from each module have been learned.

Students are still required to complete onsite simulator check training as part of their recertification. Please visit Global Express XRS/5000 Recurrent Online Training Only


  • Introduction
  • APU
  • Automatic Flight Control System
  • Electrical
  • FMS
  • Flight Controls
  • Electronic Displays
  • Fuel
  • Emergency Equipment and Lighting
  • Hydraulics
  • Ice and Rain Protection
  • Integrated Air Management
  • Landing Gear and Brakes
  • Fire Protection
  • HUD
  • Enhanced Vision System
  • Navigation and Communication
  • Powerplant
  • Performance
  • Weight and Balance
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