Global XRS Interiors Operators Training

The Global XRS Interiors Operators eLearning course provides operators with familiarization on the Rockwell Collins Cabin Electronic System (CES), as well as familiarization on related key cabin interior systems, such as satellite communications (SATCOM) and satellite television. Also provided is information on non-Rockwell Collins systems that are part of the interiors systems.


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

– State the function of the major components of the cabin electronics system (CES)

– Navigate through the CES touch screen pages

– Describe the major power distribution components and their functions

– Describe other interiors systems, including the communication and water and waste systems


– Cabin electronics system (CES) overview

– Cabin electrical power

– Cabin electronics system

– Cabin systems

– Lighting and water and waste systems

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