Embraer CAE Training Services (ECTS)

Embraer CAE Training Services (ECTS) is a joint venture between Embraer, a world-class aircraft manufacturer and CAE, a world-leading provider of aviation training solutions. This JV brings together the power of a leading aircraft manufacturer with the industry’s leading training provider to produce an unparalleled training program with a true global reach. Embraer CAE Training Services provides comprehensive pilot and technical training programs to Phenom clients around the world for two new aircraft – the Phenom 100® and the Phenom 300®. Embraer CAE Training Services applies CAE’s advanced simulation technology, training methodologies and tools and global training network to create advanced training programs that exceed industry standards. These high-quality, integrated programs take pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians through a full range of training using a multi-phase learning approach.


Pilot Training

Embraer CAE Training Services has designed a pilot training program with the ultimate safety in mind. The integrated program ensures maximum safety and efficiency is obtained while maintaining the highest quality of training. Our training programs meet EASA, FAA, JAA and ANAC regulatory requirements, ensuring the highest training standards are delivered throughout. The training program begins with a thorough assessment of the pilot’s current knowledge and experience level. Applying a multi-phase learning approach, each phase begins and ends with a complete assessment of the pilot’s retained knowledge. The duration of the training program and time spent on each level vary, as they are based on the pilot’s proficiency level and familiarity with the various areas of knowledge. 


Technical Training

Embraer CAE Training Services offers comprehensive initial, update/refresher, avionics line maintenance, avionics maintenance, familiarization, engine run proficiency initial and engine run proficiency update/refresher training using a multi-phase learning approach. Our training program is conducted in accordance with the latest ATA guidelines, and EASA, FAA, and JAA requirements, ensuring the highest standards of training are delivered throughout. At every phase of the training program, each aircraft maintenance technician is provided with detailed systems descriptions, components location, and maintenance and troubleshooting for all systems. The program is designed to provide the aircraft maintenance technician with the working knowledge needed to maintain the Phenom aircraft in both a safe and cost-effective manner.



Multi-phase learning approach

Embraer CAE Training Services applies a multi-phase learning approach to both the pilot and aircraft maintenance technician training programs. This approach allows for a more integrate real-world learning experience. The integrated multi-phase learning approach includes self-paced online learning and review, instructor-led classroom courses, and hands-on simulator training.

  • Learning online: Embraer CAE Training Services provides computer based training (CBT) where clients can prepare and review material prior to and after classroom sessions - at their convenience and at their own pace.
  • In the classroom: Our state-of-the-art multi-media classrooms, along with the latest technology advanced training aids create a real-world learning experience. These courses reinforce the online training material and provide a forum for discussion and developing an in-depth understanding of the aircraft, for both pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians. The classroom experience is further reinforced by providing avionics and aircraft systems training in Phenom 100 Integrated Procedures Trainer (IPT) and Garmin desktop trainers.
  • In a full-flight simulator: CAE’s full-flight simulators (FFS) provide a realistic flight training environment. The Phenom cockpit along with all its systems is recreated in order to give the client the complete look and feel of being in actual flight or maintaining an actual aircraft.


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Walter Slazyk General Manager, ECTS 972-456-8041 Walter.Slazyk@cae.com
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