Helicopter Pilot Training

CAE offers pilots one of the most advanced and respected training programs in the industry, covering a wide spectrum of helicopter aircraft types. Providing high quality training for both civilian and military customers for VFR, IFR, HEMS, SAR, offshore, military operations, NVG and other mission specific training, CAE has your helicopter training needs covered. For all your courses and through every stage of your pilot career, rely on CAE for consistent and standardized training of the highest caliber. Our helicopter pilot training programs combine innovative methodologies, knowledgeable instructors and advanced simulation technology.

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Note: As we continue to increase our platforms globally, not all courses or differences training may be listed. Please contact us about your specific training needs and we will create a schedule that meets those needs.

Your worldwide training partner of choice

CAE provides customers a commitment to the highest safety standards, tailored programs to meet a variety of training needs, superior centers located in some of the world’s most desired locations and unsurpassed attention and service from a team dedicated to providing world-class customer service. Not to mention curriculum has been approved by a variety of global regulatory agencies so your training needs can be met no matter where you’re located.

Approved instructors with broad operational experience form the core of the training delivery team. Bringing expertise and knowledge to trainees provides both practical and theoretical training modules. While standardized modular recurrent training is available, much recurrent helicopter training is customized to meet the operational requirements or specific needs of different operators. CAE is proud of its consultative and flexible approach to ensure your needs are not only understood but met with the optimal training experience.

Each training center in CAEs global network offer the latest technologies and training methodologies, along with unparalleled service. Our dedicated helicopter training centers boast fully integrated state-of-the-art multiscreen CAE Simfinity™ classrooms, full-flight simulators and training devices, modern briefing rooms and comfortable lounges. Every center delivers the same elevated level of instruction, service, courseware and technology that distinguishes CAE as a global leader in aviation training and services.

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Why train with CAE

  • Training programs built to your specific needs and goals
  • Highest safety standards
  • Unmatched instructor expertise
  • Leader in pilot training technology
  • Curriculum approved by global regulatory agencies
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