Aviation Maintenance Training Overview

CAE has been providing technical training courses for aircraft maintenance engineers and technicians for a quarter of a century. Our technical solutions and operational troubleshooting tools are designed to help you maximize your resources and generate more revenue, while enhancing the safety and efficiency of your operations. We work with you to help you achieve your primary goal – to ensure safety and service excellence for your customers and crew members.

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Training Courses Offered

Maintenance Initial Course
Avionics Initial Course
Maintenance + Avionics Initial Course
Avionics Systems Course
REALcase Troubleshooting Course
Scenario-Based Troubleshooting Course
Engine Run and Taxi Course (Initials and/or Refresher)
Professional Troubleshooting Course (Non-Aircraft Specific)
Basic Avionics Course (Non-Aircraft Specific)
Digital Avionics Course (Non-Aircraft Specific)
REALcase Update Course
Core Systems Course
Differences Course
Familiarization Course
RVSM (Non-Aircraft Specific)
Avionics Initial Course
Note: Some courses may not be available on all models.

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Note: As we continue to increase our platforms globally, not all courses or differences training may be listed. Please contact us about your specific training needs and we will create a schedule that meets those needs.

Your worldwide training partner of choice

CAE provides customers a commitment to the highest safety standards, tailored programs to meet a variety of training needs, superior centers located in some of the world’s most desired locations and unsurpassed attention and service from a team dedicated to providing world-class customer service.

We understand that scheduling conflicts and travel costs can make it difficult to provide the training your technicians need. That’s why CAE will bring the training to you. You tell us where and when and we will bring the classroom to you with the same technology and training standards you would expect from one of our centers.

Committed to elevating your training experience, CAE operates to meet the highest safety standards, tailor programs to meet your needs and customers will be taught by talented instructors with hands-on experience from the field. Curriculum has been approved by regulatory authorities across the globe, making CAE your worldwide training partner of choice.

Interested in attaining the highest standard of technical excellence and professionalism in aircraft maintenance? CAE offers the Master Aircraft Technician Award Program that commends organizations and individuals who complete a series of rigorous courses designed to enhance and elevate the theoretical and practical skills of maintenance technicians. Pilots and passengers who fly on Master Aircraft Technician maintained aircraft can be confident of the highest levels of operational competency.

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Why train with CAE

  • Highest safety standards
  • Tailored programs to meet your needs
  • "Mobile" classrooms providing on-site, cost-efficient training
  • Master Aircraft Technician award program
  • Curriculum approved by global regulatory agencies
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